Splendors & Grandeur of the West

Being a part of the largest sub-continent of the west area wise Canada holds a prominent as well as a commanding status of its own. This proved from the fact that its overall development and progress has brought about rapid advancements in the growth process of the nation. Due to which it has progressed from being just an upcoming nation to a developed economy. Besides the improvements in the field of science and technology, it has also managed to touch zenith in other areas as well. For instance the vast inflow of foreign tourists every year have made Canada a hot spot among the various tourists and has managed to ring in the cash registers as far as the earning of foreign exchange is concerned.
The best example of promotion of tourism is of British Columbia. This is because it has an aesthetical appeal and aura of its own due to which it has ranked as being among the highest places visited by the tourists every year. The flora and fauna of this province serves as an ideal destination for vacationers and people who wish to just sit back and relax and remain cut off from there hectic lifestyles for a couple of days . The serene surroundings of this province serves as a perfect backdrop against which many a people have spend quality time together with the loved ones. Among the various recreational or enjoyment facilities available are the sanctuaries, parks, golf courses, orchards, beaches and area of other sport activities are present. In addition, to make this place more relishing many vacations home rentals are set in place. Thus, we can say that British Columbia is a place worth going for and it connects well with a proper network of roads and railways, which makes it accessible from all sides of Canada.

A vital part of this province is the provincial electorate district of The Islands which until recently shared a common system of governance with its neighboring provinces until it was integrated with Nanaimo after 1941. Even though, this part of Columbia holds no significance as such but it has a very vivid and strong political history of its own. Similar to The Islands lays another district municipality on the west coast of Columbia known as Ucluelet. In a certain language, this word means “people of the safe harbor” as in ancient times this place was not at all subjected to a large number of storms and other such vagaries of Mother Nature. Even though, the surrounding beaches remain victim of such activities and calamities. Ucluelet does not have much to highlight upon from the attraction point of view of the tourists and the outsiders. Though a handful of entertainment options include whale watching, surfing, kayaking, camping, hiking, storm watching, biking, swimming etc. Such activities hold no relevance as far as the current trends and tastes of the tourists are concerned and come more under as being vain pursuits. Slowly this town is making an effort to migrate from being a resource-based economy to being a tourist centric economy. Moreover, many people visit this place for affordable

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