Vacation Rental PropertyMeter

It is a very simple tool to guide home owners on how to optimize their property for best online results. The PropertyMeter displays the optimized score of each listing and suggest you the ways to optimize your property for better results.

Property Description (Total weightage - 15%): Write about your property using the best keywords (example Vacation Rentals, Home Rentals, Vacation Homes, House Vacation)which may be used to find and locate a property of their interest in your area. Do not write too short or too long description of your property, here is the chart showing the ideal use of characters for your property description:

Between 0-499 characters 0%
Between 500-1499 characters 10%
Between 1500 - 2499 characters 15%
Between 2500 - 3500 characters 10%
Between 3500 - 4499 characters 5%
Above 4500+ characters 0%

Photos (Total weightage - 10%): We understand that photos play a major role in decision making while inquiring about a property, we are the only vacation rental advertizing company offering 20 photographs for each property, hence 2 photos equals to 1%

Rates(Total weightage - 10%): Most vacation seekers plan their vacation on the bases of their budget hence updating your peak and offpeak rates are very important. You get 5% for updating Peak Rates & 5% for updating offpeak rates.

Special Offers (Total weightage - 10%): Discount and deals has always been a great marketing strategy to attract more customers. We encourage you to advertise your property on with 2-3 different promotional offers. You get full 10% for offering any special offer.

Calendar (Total weightage - 20%): A blank calendar is something no one like to see and hence most travelers lose their interest due to no updates on the calendar. We encourage you to update calendar as frequently as possible to remain in our top search results as calendar is something which most of the other property owners in your area do not like to maintain. You get full 20% on property meter.

Property Name (Total weightage - 10%): Be very specific in deciding a name for your property, include the best attraction in your property name - A property with 50 - 80 Characters gets full - 10% and 80 - 100 - 5%

Guestbook (Total weightage - 10%): A well written guestbook may be a good attraction and decising factor for sending inquiries. you get
0 comments - 0%
1-2 comments - 5%
3+ comments - 10%

Area Information (Total weightage - 15%): Write about your area, nearby attractions to display your knowledge and thoughts about your area. This is the best way to tell them why they should visit in your city.