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About Us

The complete and accomplished guide exhibiting "The Area of Interests for the Vacation Rental Owners".

Our name origin and significance:

The name TraveleHome was very cautiously chosen after a lot of research and analysis considering the inevitable requirement of travelers looking for stay in vacation rentals. As the name implies it is an eHome for all travel needs. The over line on e signifies Roman denomination for a thousand. Travel e Home stands for one stop shop to find thousands of vacation rentals or "eHome for all travel needs".


When you visit www.travelehome.com or one or more than 26 other network sites, you can find enormous information specific to your travel needs, you can find vacation rentals based on your interest, desire, hobby and activities, find accommodations in villa, condo or cabins. You can also meet with your preferred vacation rental home based on your designated destination, estimated budget and expenditure and area of travel all under one roof.


As a business, Travelēhome generates majority of its revenue by offering listing services, cost effective and highly targeted advertising so that property information is beneficial and fruitful to travelers who are seeking vacations as well as the property owners who list them.

Hundreds of thousands of vacation seekers and property owners worldwide use our Travelēhome network to find their ideal place for rent and promote vacation rental properties on the web.

Since we believe you should know when someone has paid in addition to place a message in front of you, we distinguish and exhibit them by labeling them as "Banner ads" or "Featured Ads" on the home page and destination pages section. Beside this, we do sell placements in our search results and we allow people to pay for a higher ranking there.

In addition thousands of property owners and travelers participate in our Vacation Rentals Education community. This program enables travelers and owners to inquire any general or specific questions or worries related to the vacation rental industry and it allows everyone to participate in exchanging their point of view and answers to the questions addressed and requested in the community.

Apart from our core listing services and vacation rental marketing services we offer numerous other services to property owners, including personal website designing, hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), virtual office services and much more. Finally we endeavor to provide one stop shop for complete business solution to vacation home owners and managers.


We build and develop web applications to make it simpler and easier for the home owners to share their property information and travelers to meet their desired home for rent. Our best of the Search Tool, Availability calendar, Property Meter, Owners and Travelers Dashboard or eHome and Education Community help property owners and travelers communicate and collaborate more easily, whether planning for a family vacation, business tour or a quick weekend break from your daily routine. The information is stored securely online, accessible from any device with an internet connection. And because it lives globally online 24x7 it is easy to share with travelers from across the world.

Today people want the same ease of use on their work computers that they have on their increasingly powerful personal computers. This is why we offer eHome or Dashboard. It is powerful enough for large property managers and simple enough for single property owner, even a technical geek may find them user friendly. We are continuously and endlessly improving our applications based on the valuable feedback and suggestions from home owners and travelers. And it is free for travelers and included in the annual listing fee of property owners. These applications are designed to fit the way property owners naturally live, work and socialize so their main focus is on the task they are doing rather than worrying about managing and maintaining their property advertisement on the web.

We built eHome from the ground up for today’s connected world. Our website structure is designed to keep our customers’ data safe and secure and to make our eHome user friendly, fast and responsive. We firmly believe that on the web the data belongs to you and should be portable: all inquiries are sent directly to the property owners without any poaching by anyone however from time to time we do monitor these inquiries to ensure authenticity and credibility of them. When you use eHome you can edit the complete property details, property calendar, notice board and inquiries section and use our industry best property meter tool and listing guidelines for best results from our network.

The road ahead

A lot has changed since Travelēhome first appeared earlier this year. We have grown and expanded our offerings from single website to dozens of network websites keeping in mind about travelers hobby, interest and activity. We now have our partners around the world and we are continuously looking for all possible ways to contribute and expand the vacation rental industry. But some things will never change: Our vision to continuously exceed our customers’ exceeding expectations.