Spooky Halloween Travel Adventures

Halloween has got to be my favorite holiday! The abundance of activities held from New York to New Orleans provides ample opportunity to experience the scariest holiday ever. This year I’m planning to go trick or treating across the U.S and found some of the best celebrations across the country. My list of spooky Halloween travel adventures across will ensure you find the most impressive party.

Sleepy Hollow in New York


The city comes alive with the arrival of Sleepy Hollow, filled with ghoulish activities for the entire month of Halloween. With the descent of the creepy headless horseman legend comes spooky parades, live music and celebrations in the city streets. Make time to visit the House of Curiosities. Here families on tour are provided a walk through the house believed to be haunted.

Vegas Halloween Adventures


If you are looking for a thrilling good time, visit the Vegas strip where every kind of ghoulish character makes an appearance. While accommodation may be a little steep, you can be sure to experience sheer entertainment in Las Vegas. If you visit local bars, nightclubs and many entertainment spots along the strip on the Halloween weekend, get exposed to amazing discounts with some facilities offering free entry. Simply walk along the strip and enjoy the costumes and activities on the night.

New Orleans


New Orleans is known for its past year celebrations, well this year Halloween is going to the parade once again. Be sure to find yourself at Frenchman Street where a spectacular musical festival will be held, including celebrity appearances. Families and children of all ages can join and watch the frenzy of colorful proceedings including Halloween decorations and balloons.


Salem Massachusetts


Considered among the best festivals for Halloween, Salem is known as the witch city, which hosts a month long of scary activities including shows and dance balls. Find affordable accommodation and participate in the ghost tours that are bound to send shivers down your spine. It is certainly the best place to be during Halloween.

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