California vacation rentals is synonymous with words that capture emotions like relaxation, rejuvenation, romantic and luxurious vacation spot. Whether you are planning a vacation together as a couple or a fun spot for the kids to enjoy with California will be the most memorable and famous spot to be at. Whether you choose to go to the snow destinations, the sunny destinations or the romantic destinations, you are sure to have a great time staying in the beautiful vacation rental homes. A world of experience all packed into one!!!!

“ A recent travel magazine nominated Santa Cruz CA as the 2nd most interesting city in the United States.  Come find out why!”

  • California offers great vacation house rental and home rental-by-owner deals for the travelers. No matter what your budget is or level of comfort you seek in your holiday to CA there's surely a great local vacation home rental available to meet your needs and expectations.
  • Lake Tahoe,california vacation rentals is a major vacation spot, with gambling resorts along the Nevada shoreline which attracts tourists all over the world,It is home to a number of ski resorts, summer outdoor recreation, and tourist attractions. Snow and skiing are a significant part of the area's economy and reputation.The Nevada also includes large casinos.
  • California beach house is truly spectacular and diverse with a great place to be there and a renowed Vacation Destination for people who travel from across the globe.
    If this is not sufficient enough for you,further you will find Los Angles which has famous beaches where one can experience the ultimate in relaxation with lot of privacy and leisure besides being offering one of the best night life and not to forget the famous iconic sign of the Hollywood which is 45-foot-tall and and 350-foot-long.
  • If you are a water sports lover Anaheim-CA is an ideal spot for the vacation,where one can enjoy thousands of rides and water sports,gurgling laughter and activities within the Disney theme parks.
  • If one wants to try out something different Try the marble mount ranch-Klamath River which offers numerous activities like fishing, kayaking, rafting, hiking, riding and swimming.The perfect way to get some quality time with your kids and rekindle as a family over a ton of fun activities.
  • Auburn, California is one of the most beautiful cities.To top up,it attracts some pretty incredible entertainment whereby travellers look for cheap vacations,to family vacations and some for fun and leisure and last but not the least for honeymoon or for romantic vacations.
  • California as a vacation rental is a great place to visit during winter and,is one of the popular winter destinations in US because of the variety of winter activities it offers.The Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort is also the tallest ski resort in California which attracts ski lovers and snowboarders across the world.
  • If you are a wine lover Napa valley is a place for you.It is home to many wineries, which produces some of the best wines in the world thereby making it a really Romantic Wedding Destination.
  • California is not just a tourist hot-spot for its varied climate, but also for the Gray Whale which California flaunts as the 'State Mammal" which weighs more than 35 tons and reaches a length of more than 16 meters on an average.
  • California has a wide variety of tourist attractions, fresh agricultural products and of course is home to the famous Hollywood studios and the biggest corporate headquarters like Google and Yahoo in the Silicon Valley.
Last Updated: Apr-26-2013