5 Vacations for Veterans Day

Veterans Day is an important celebration in the U.S. This commemorative holiday is dedicated in respect millions of veterans who sacrificed their lives and dedicated their services for their country. Many states offer options for a vacation rental or affordable accommodation over this period. Our destination travel guide looks at the top 5 vacations for Veterans Day.

Texas – WWII Re-enactments

The most popular travel event in the state of Texas is the re-enactment of the World War II battle. Over the Veterans Day weekend, celebrate with a parade of pyrotechnics, real weaponry and incredible costumed actors. You will feel transported back to another Period! The show offers a glimpse of the turmoil that occurred during this time. You can also catch a powerful flamethrower in action on the day. For vacationers seeking affordability, you can find discounted accommodation in Texas.

National Parks Across the U.S. Offer Free Entry

Plan your vacation at any of the National Parks across the United States and you will gain access for free over the Veteran’s Day weekend. Simply pay for your stay at a log cabin or set up a tent and spend time in the wilderness.

Getting close to nature is a great way to move from the hustle and bustle of a city existence. Select parks also host activities for children keeping them occupied and entertained.

Visit a National Museum

The Ohio Patterson Air Force Base is an aviation museum with a military basis and is the oldest national museum open to the public. Take a trip into another time learning of the weapons including missiles that were incorporated in past wars from WWII to Korea and the Cold War. The center is open over the Veteran’s Day weekend between 9am and 5pm.

Window Rock Arizona

Enter for free the unique, circular memorial park dedicated to World War II. According to history, the Navajo people of the region played a key role in providing support for the American soldiers. This beautiful monument is a spectacular way to commemorate the day and simply enjoy a relaxed time outdoors. It is open from 8am to 7pm. Seek affordable vacation rental in Arizona for the entire family.

Cape Cod Affordable Getaways

Cape Cod offers the best rates over the Veteran’s Day weekend. Spend time along the coast or visit the nearby restaurants.

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