The 5 Cool Campgrounds to Visit in the USA

Planning a family vacation is the best way to enjoy the summer months. The blue skies, endless sunshine and warmer temperatures call for an outdoor adventure. With the abundance of campgrounds available in the States, why not spend some time connecting with nature, sleeping under the stars in your tent, caravan or in a cosy cabin. Looking at the top 5 cool campgrounds to visit in the USA, we make the choice of leisure getaway easier and more enjoyable.

  1. New York


You may be surprised to find a camping ground in New York, but this upstate delight offers everything from quaint cabins to outside tents. It is a fantastic camp site for kids staying in the cabins with its robotic and astronomy theme.


  1. Washington


Washington offers spacious parks to accommodate your camper. You can experience a holiday in the beautiful outdoor tents and log cabins. We recommend the local campground if you are looking for an authentic camping experience from pit fires to traditional picnics. Many resorts include luxurious rooms with spa tubs. Go fishing, canoeing or learn the traditions of cooking food on the camp fire, the whole family can enjoy.


  1. Colorado Springs


For a family adventure catering to the interests of young children, Colorado Springs is the place to be. The campgrounds offer endless activities including hiking and archery lessons.  Stay in a tepee or a conventional tent but if this is not for you, then surrounding cabins fully kitted with luxury comforts, are available.


  1. Georgia


Children will love the educational camping activities taught at the available camping site with the chance to sleep under the night sky. Play a game of disc golf or go swimming in the lake. It is a great camping experience for families.


  1. California


According to your destination travel guide, the California campground is the most impressive camping site of them all. With incredible panoramic views, set up your tent and spend your time in nature. Walk along trails, beach coves and freshwater streams during your stay.




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